Jura giga w3

Jura GIGA W3 Professional automatic coffee machine Reviews – An Affordable Yet Magnificent Coffee Maker Jura coffee machine GIGA W3 has become the most popular choice for those who want to have a reliable tool to have a cup of delicious coffee every day. Jura has proudly presented this product as one of its best releases. Compared to other products, we can even say that GIGA W3 holds its position as the top rank in our best performance coffee machine list. So, how will it satisfy your coffee needs? Here is our review of this product.

Jura giga w3

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Jura giga w3

The Beautiful Design

Design-wise, we can say that Jura took the professional route for GIGA W3. Compared to the jura e8 chrome, it has the simplicity and modesty that the professional barista has. The E8 chrome looks more sophisticated and elegant. On the other hand, GIGA W3 looks more reliable. You know from its appearance that you will get the best performance from this coffee machine. Having this tool in your kitchen will let you have the best partner to create the most delicious morning shot every day.

Satisfying Performance with the Best Features

One of the most satisfying things that we get from this product is the display screen and how we control it. The display uses the TFT screen. Even though it is not as good as an LCD or HD screen, it is clear enough to tell us the menu and other features that we want to use.

Furthermore, on top of this coffee machine, you also can find the rotary switch to operate this coffee maker. You can change the menu or type of coffee you want to make through this rotary switch. When you spin it, you can see the menu on the TFT display also is changing. Then, once you find the coffee you want to make among 43 recipes that are included in this device, press the round button in the middle of the switch to start the brewing process.

One of the recipes in this product is flat white, which is one of the most internationally popular coffee recipes. If you are too lazy to go to a coffee shop to get this coffee, now you have the solution with this coffee machine.
Its drip tray is also another thing you should notice. Compared to the jura giga 6 drip tray, GIGA W3 has a much bigger capacity. It follows the bean container which also is big enough to hold 1 kg of coffee bean. That would be enough ingredients to make coffee for several weeks.

We can say that this product is the upgraded version of jura e8. E8 has fewer recipes you can make, which are only six types of coffee. Plus, E8, which is said to be one of the best coffee makers, also uses a similar TFT screen, even though it doesn’t have a unique rotary switch. In short, the GIGA W3 has a more effective and efficient system to make coffee. You can save time and energy to get the cup of coffee that you want with this unique system.

The Cleaning and Maintaining

One of the best features of GIGA W3 is its cleaning and maintenance system. You can see its status on the TFT screen that will tell you whether this coffee maker needs filter change, descale, or other things. Furthermore, once you want to do one of those processes, you just have to press a button. This coffee maker will automatically help you to do the cleaning process.

The water container also has a smart system that changes its mode into the filter mode when you want to rinse it to ensure that the water quality is the best. This feature helps you a lot when you are new to using a coffee maker. With one button press, you can clean it and get it ready to use for the next day.

This system is indeed one of the innovative systems you can find on the Jura coffee maker. You also can find a similar system on jura we8. So, we can say that this is the trademark feature that this brand has. Maybe, it is one of the reasons why Jura became one of the top providers and manufacturers of high-quality coffee machines in all classes.

Additionally, Jura also uses the innovative protective formula that matches the program and ingredients you use in this coffee maker. This formula ensures that the cleaning and maintaining process will produce the best result. Furthermore, Jura also gives you the guarantee that you will get complete hygiene and protection when you use this coffee maker.

The Bonuses and Accessories

Similar to other Jura products, you also can get various bonuses and accessories in the GIGA W3 package. For example, it includes cup warmers and milk coolers for various coffee types that you can make. Furthermore, this accessory has been designed to match the design of this coffee maker. Therefore, it works wonderfully with this product.

Unfortunately, Jura didn’t include milk containers on this product, like jura giga 6 milk containers, which in our opinion, is one of the best bonuses you can get from a coffee machine. So, if you want to use it to make a milk beverage, you may have to provide your milk container or glass. And, it might be difficult to find one that matches this product design and performance.


One thing for sure, GIGA W3 is one of the best coffee makers you can get. All features and advantages that this product has show how it can give you the most satisfying performance and coffee. Many people often hesitate to buy it because they are busy comparing jura giga 5 vs giga 6. But, you will know that those two are incomparable with GIGA W3.

So, you don’t have to hesitate to buy the GIGA W3. It has affordable prices, many bonuses, and more importantly, it only uses low power (120 Watt) to operate. Therefore, Jura GIGA W3 professional automatic coffee machine is a perfect choice for a house, office, and even your dorm at college

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